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Welcome to Alejandro Law Firm. We are a team of professionals solicitors with more than 15 years of experience. Our lawyers in Madrid provide a wide range of services to both companies and individuals who invest, move to, or simply live in Spain.

Our extensive experience has allowed us to position ourselves as lawyers who set the standard. Every day more people place their trust in our law services and recommend us to family and acquaintances. What has made it possible that today, we are a benchmark law firm in Madrid.

When dealing with legal problems, it is very important to be in the hands of professional lawyers who provide the most satisfactory solution to these problems.

From Alejandro Law Firm, we put at your service the best lawyers of Madrid. With us, you will have what you need to be able to achieve the result you expect for your legal and judicial problems.

Let yourself be advised by a committed, professional and transparent team of solicitors in Madrid. We are endorsed by more than 15 years defending the interests of professionals, companies and individuals, and providing a personalized and completely legal and judicial assessment.

Request information without commitment, at Alejandro Legal Lawyers we will advise you on everything you need.

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We are a firm with Solicitors in Madrid specialized in various legal areas. We offer a professional, transparent and experienced team of lawyers, a complete and personalized defense and counseling service in each of our practice areas.


We are a firm that will put at your service a committed, transparent and professional team of lawyers in Madrid. We provide our clients with a legal defense service and legal advice, both at a professional and personal level, in case of any unforeseen event that may cause the case in question.

With Alejandro Law Firm, not only will you have an integral and tailored assessment, but you will have a solicitor in Madrid who will take care of your case and will put all his knowledge in solving it in the most satisfactory way for you.

Let yourself be advised by a law firm with Madrid Solicitors specialized in the main areas of law. Inform yourself about the services that we offer in Alejandro Legal Lawyers without commitment.

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"We are specialists in offering legal solutions to our clients in Madrid"

Our Goals as Lawyers Madrid

By offering affordable first-class legal assistance, helping them to meet their legal needs.

Our solicitors in Madrid know how important it is to make our clients feel they are not just another name. Our approach is close and personalized for each and every one of our clients. Whilst we work as a team, your case will be assigned to one senior lawyer who will be your contact person and who will be easily approachable.

For our team, it is not enough just to manage our clients’ expectations. At Alejandro Law Firm, we will always try to go one step further so that our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed.

We understand how difficult it can be investing in or moving to another country, with a different language, culture and, of course, a different legal system. We will make you feel at home.

As Lawyers in Madrid we realize how hard it could be to trust in somebody you have just met for the first time (or sometimes you don’t even have the chance to meet in person before you decide to instruct him/her), and to rely on that person to handle your case when you are a few thousand miles away from home. This can be particularly hard when those cases are related to one of the most important decisions you will make during your lifetime (moving to Spain, buying a house, taking out a mortgage, etc.). We will do our best to build this confidence every day.

This means not only that we speak English, but also that we avoid expressions that are too complex or difficult to understand. Our advice will be easy to get, clear and straightforward.

We not only make ourselves available to answer your queries, but try to keep our clients informed proactively, striving to anticipate your needs, and providing regular updates.

We are professional lawyers in Madrid who pay special attention to keeping our team constantly updated with changes in law, jurisprudence, tax legislation, etc. so that we can ensure we provide accurate and appropriate legal advice at all times.

We provide legal advice whilst remaining loyal to our clients, with the highest standards of professional ethics.

We put our clients first, and will never act against our client’s interests. We are obliged to keep all the information provided by our clients confidential.

In addition, we try to make clear the expenses that will be involved in your case from the very beginning, avoiding unforeseen costs and unpleasant surprises.

What Our Clients Say About Us?

"I used Alejandro Montero Ferrari to help me reunite my then partner from Morocco to live with me in Spain. It was a long, and sensitive process, but Alejandro Montero Ferrari pulled out all the stops in a most professional way and he advised me at every point of the progress. I would recommend Alejandro Montero Ferrari to anyone, be it immigration or buying a house, his a master of his trade."

Mark Woodason

"I would highly recommend Alejandro Legal Lawyers to anyone seeking legal guidance and advice.I found them very experienced, responsive, knowledgeable and honest. I felt I have entrusted the sale proceedings to very trust worthy hands. Their service is excellent."

Jayant Raj

"Wonderful and Super Helpful! Would give 10 stars if possible!! I happened to need a lawyer and found this on google search in English and called and got immediate help from a wonderful Lawyer Alejandro Montero Ferrari and now used for some years, thanks for the excellent work!"

Bebe Ange