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Alejandro Legal Lawyers is a law firm in Madrid with a broad range of satisfied clients in Puerto Banus thanks to the professionalism, experience, and counseling that our team of solicitors provides. We offer services and legal advice in several legal branches, specifically, our Solicitors in Puerto Banus are specialized in family, labor, commercial, real estate, and eviction and immigration law.

Offering a quality, professional and transparent legal service, our law firm is formed by a team of solicitors with great experience, training, and commitment in each of the areas of law.

At Alejandro Law Firm Solicitors Madrid, our best guarantee is a long career as a law firm in Puerto Banus providing advice and legal defense to those who need it. Also, we have bilingual lawyers specialized in diverse areas of law to provide excellent legal and juridical advice to foreign companies and individuals.

If you need Puerto Banus Solicitors, please feel free to contact us, we will advise and inform you about the services we offer as a law firm in Madrid

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From Alejandro Law Firm, we will provide you with legal advice based on personalized, friendly attention and constant communication with each of the people who trust our Puerto Banus Solicitors.

As legal professionals, we provide legal and juridical advice to individuals and companies of various kinds, and in different areas of law: real estate, labor, commercial, family, evictions, and immigration.

If you need a team of lawyers of reference in Puerto Banus, feel free to contact us, we will advise you in everything you need.

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A Law Firm with more than 15 years of experience in advising and providing legal services in Puerto Banus. Experience, professionalism, and commitment in each of the legal services we provide to companies and professionals have made us a Puerto Banus law firm of reference for a broad range of people.

At Alejandro Legal Lawyers, we offer comprehensive advice from the first visit; we place at your disposal our team of multidisciplinary solicitors to advise and provide you with the guidance you need in your specific case. Our specialized solicitors will provide all the information you need in real estate, commercial, family, immigration, labor and evictions law



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