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This Madrid Law Firm, whose services are dedicated towards legal advice for individuals and companies in various branches of the law.

For this, we have a dedicated team of lawyers, specialized in various areas of law, which allows us to be a multidisciplinary law firm in Madrid, well trained to offer professional legal advice. In addition, we offer a wide variety of services which excel by the professionalism and quality of them.

Our extensive experience in the field of law has enabled us to continue growing as professionals and increasing our client portfolio. Every day more and more clients put their trust in us to solve their legal problems or seeking professional advice to help them make the best decision in complex situations.

All this has led us to position ourselves as a point of reference in Madrid and a firm of recognized prestige in the sector of legal services in the Costa del Sol. We have offices in the center of Marbella with of easy access where we offer a personalized and close attention to each and every customer who place their trust in us.

Various Areas of Practice

Among the specialties we offer in our firm are: labour law, eviction, immigration or family law among many others.

For the realization of our services we have attorneys specializing in each of the areas of law they deal with. Because we know how important it is to have the necessary knowledge and know the sector to offer a professional and quality service that allows obtaining the expected results.

If you are looking for a Law Firm in Madrid, get in touch with us. We will answer and resolve your doubts without any commitment. We offer a wide legal coverage to help you solve any legal problem and prevent its occurrence, in the hands of professionals with a long road in experience.

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    For the realization of all our services we are based on three fundamental pillars on which the office’s support is based: commitment, full confidence and security. We focus our efforts in offering a professional advice and legal service of the highest quality that allows to obtain satisfactory results.

    At Alejandro Legal Lawyers we are committed to helping companies of different sizes and individuals in fulfilling their legal obligations, solving their legal conflicts and above all, helping to prevent them from appearing by carrying out all the necessary processes in a correct manner.

    Our Law Firm stands out for its solid trajectory since its foundation and constant growth thanks to the stellar work performed by our team the satisfaction of our many clients. Thanks to all this, we can affirm that our customer’s satisfaction our best letter of presentation and endorsement.

    As a Madrid Law Firm, we work from with a great level of transparency. We provide all the information to each of our clients in a clear and understandable way. We also take care of all your doubts so that you know all the steps to follow in each procedure and the why behind them. This allows us to grow our customer base with more and more people who trust us.



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